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Why choose us?

Safety and comfort

and comfort

Our work is dedicated to your safety. We guarantee the safe operation of our equipment throughout the entirety of its service life!
Quality and reliability

and reliability

We strive to create products of the highest quality, so that everything we do will fulfill the famous words of the legendary Russian Aircraft designer Andrey N. Tupolev: «Beautiful planes, fly beautifully».
experience and skills

and pedantry

Meticulous and systematic approach allows us to focus on the smallest nuances in production processes, which is very important to ensure the quality of the final result.
Опыт и мастерство

and skills

The experience and skill accumulated by our team allow us to carry out the most complex and extraordinary projects.
Инновационные решения


Our company is constantly striving to update and continually develop existing projects, and at the same time create brand new projects so that we will always be at the forefront of current and future innovation.
Высокоточный инструмент

precision tooling

When performing our work, we use only the most accurate, professional tools and certified materials, which have been tested by time itself.

We  value our reputation

Our reputation is based testimony of our many clients, who are grateful for the quality of work that we perform, our dedication to meeting deadlines, an individual, personal approach to solving problems, iron-clad warranty and post-warranty service.

Many customers are grateful for the quality of work performed, punctuality and meeting deadlines, individual approach, warranty and post-warranty service!

Agan aircraft
developmental history

The founding of our company occurred on January 18, 1997, when a couple of young and courageous students — Arsen Gritskevich and Alexey Nikiforov — from the prestigious Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), decided to ambitiously begin designing and building hang gliders and airplanes before they even graduated.

During the first 5 years, more than 20 aircraft were created, these designs and schemes of which are still in use today. As a result of these successes, in 2003 a Youth Design Bureau was created at the Moscow Aviation Institute, which brought together the most active and talented students.

The main task of our aviation enterprise is to restore general aviation standards in Russia to the prestigious and widely respected level that was attained during the Golden Age of Soviet-Russian aviation. Our team’s work has never been primarily driven by making a profit, rather, to grow and lead the development todays Russian Aviation sector.

We are deeply grateful to all current and former clients who have chosen our company to fulfill and meet their aviation needs. We can say without a doubt, that each of you has and continues to make a huge impact and contribution to the development of the light aircraft manufacturing and general aviation in Russia.

Invest in the future

Never before has airspace technology been as relevant and profitable as it is now. The best time to invest is today. Humanity is rapidlymoving towards reducing travel time and increasing the speed of movement in space. Our aircraft manufacturing company is at the peak of technological progress and has a wide range of promising projects and high-tech solutions for aviation.


  • Russian Federation: airfields «Bolshoe gryzlovo», «Nоvinky»
  • United States of America: airfields Santa Barbara, California

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