Kw-505 project

The multipurpose helicopter «KILLER WHALE 505» sits four people including the pilot and is supposed to be used in general aviation.

Gn-155 cruze

Тhe world-famous American aircraft STOL CH-750, which has proved itself in operation worldwide was the prototype of this aircraft.

Gn-150 stol

Aircraft of the GN-150 series can be used with various landing gear options. The wheeled chassis is available with a front strut or with a tail strut.


Due to the unique design and location of the redan, the floats have excellent take-off and landing characteristics, ease of entering the planing mode and sufficient seaworthiness for the safe operation of aircraft.

Tanarg 912is agan edition

Completely redesigned trike with a new set of fairings for the Rotax 912 iS injection engine.


  • Russian Federation: airfields «Bolshoe gryzlovo», «Nоvinky»
  • United States of America: airfields Santa Barbara, California

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