Our company is engaged in the development, installation and connection of avionics complexes for various aircraft, of our original production, featuring unique software, as well as of third-party manufacturers.

Convenient user interface

Our avionics has software with a convenient and intuitive interface that allows both beginners and advanced users to interact comfortably with aircraft systems.

Creation and installation of instrument panels

Our company has the necessary level of competence and experience to create instrument panels from scratch, or to integrate them into existing aircraft models. It is very important to take into account the ergonomics and the correct arrangement of instrumentation in the cockpit, as this directly affects flight safety.

Diagnostics, repair or complete replacement of aircraft electrical wiring

An important factor in the reliability and uninterrupted operation of instrument equipment is the power supply and communication between the various units without interference, for which the wiring is responsible. When working with avionics, our company focuses on correct wiring architecture as the basis for reliability.


  • Russian Federation: airfields «Bolshoe gryzlovo», «Nоvinky»
  • United States of America: airfields Santa Barbara, California

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