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A bit of history
Not a copy, but analogue…

«In the history of Soviet aviation, there were many cases when it was necessary to copy a western analogue in order to create its better version…»

In 1944, the crews of four B-29s used the opportunity to land on Soviet airfields. The vehicles were damaged by the Japanese anti-aircraft artillery and could not return to their bases. In the USSR, under international law, the crews were interned, and later transported to the United States, leaving the planes behind. Stalin knew about them, as well as that they were provided with the latest equipment. He was also aware that the development of domestic equipment for the "64 "aircraft by dozens of design bureaus and research institutes would take a long time, which the country did not have.

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  • Russian Federation: airfields «Bolshoe gryzlovo», «Nоvinky»
  • United States of America: airfields Santa Barbara, California

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